Copy of 'Lady Chatterley's Lover' used at landmark trial blocked from being taken out of Britain


Attended paperback book at the center of a trial followed around the world back in the sixties will remain in Britain, the British government has used its powers to preserve the nation's cultural treasures halting the export of a copy of lady Chatterley's lover. The book was used by the judge in the UK obscenity trial of penguin books. Prosecuted in nineteen sixty for publishing d h Lawrence's. Novel about an affair between a wealthy woman and her husband, the gamekeeper prosecution lawyer infamously asked in court, whether it was quote, a book that you would wish your wife or your servants to read the book was sold to an anonymous overseas bidder to sell the bees auction Tober for about seventy three thousand dollars. The government's decision means at least a delay for several months to see whether a buyer can be found to keep it in

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