San Francisco bans facial recognition technology


Facial recognition technology has. Sean, it's first ban in a major US city. Here's ABC's. Kenneth moton. San Francisco has become the first city to outlaw the use of facial recognition by police and other city agencies supporters of the band called the technology threat to civil rights and say the ordinance will prevent law enforcement from targeting marginalized communities when personal information of innocent members of the public has shared with third parties in ways that would make anyone uncomfortable when marginalized groups whether because of the color of their skin, the religion, national, origin, sexual orientation or gender, identity are tracked. The band will not apply for personal business or federal us. Law. Enforcement officials are criticizing the band saying the technologies needed to protect crowds during large scale events. If people know that we're not using certain technology. Then we become an open target several other cities and states could follow San Francisco's lead similar legislation has already being considered an Oakland. And a lawmaker Massachusetts has introduced a Bill that would impose a moratorium on facial recognition. Until the technology improves. It was seen other countries. Trying at the UK China, very famously has really been pushing hard on this. And it does raise a lot of concerns about people's

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