CBS fall schedule: Here's how the network is moving on after 'Big Bang Theory,' Les Moonves


About the big bang theory. And the wrapping up the show, and he promised to do some research on how much money obscene amounts of money, these actors in Hollywood are making well, and it was kind of interesting to read because they the main stars of the big bang theory were all making a million dollars episode, but they all took a pay cut. So that Melissa row and may Bialik both got a big raises because they were earning far less than that. Now, they both make a half million dollars per episode. The main stars that looks like they're making about nine hundred thousand dollars per episode. All right. So. The modern family did the same thing the Casta modern family, they negotiate as a cast not as individuals. Okay. Which is kind of interesting. So anyway, but as a result so that all that adds up to about two percent of the annual revenue the show the annual revenues about a billion dollars. And that's without streaming rights being sold yet. So all those stars are going to split still round twenty million dollars per year in syndication and don't forget, you know, Jim Parsons, the, you know, the guy who really was kind of the breakout star of the show they had that young Sheldon show now where he is the voice of that. So they're not hurt that way. No, no shows going away. You will see it streaming somewhere. I am sure. In the very near

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