LG's Keurig for Ice Cream


Delivery, south by southwest. Twenty nineteen isn't just about films, politicking designers and social media founders. There's also gadgets there to checkout. Enter LG Snow White. It's a concept machine designed to let you easily make ice cream at home. The Snow White is basically like a Keurigs featuring a pod based system that allows you to choose the base in flavor for variety of frozen desserts. That means it isn't just limited to ice cream. You might also be able to make Jill auto Grenada sorbet yogurt and a whole lot more. I say might because LG is adamant that the Snow White is only a prototype right now. This is more about showing off. What the company thinks it can create for your home that said L G just introduced it's automated Homebrew machine at CS 2019. So the Snow White could eventually become a reality. If it does L says you'll be able to make ice cream gelato and any other desserts listed above in two to five minutes. In addition to that to the system can clean it self and may offer both touch screen and physical dial for controlling its settings considering the popularity of Keurigs the Snow White isn't a bad idea. Now, I just hope LG add some sort of smartphone integration in the future because that would make my life even easier could just pull out my phone using apt to tell the Snow White to what to do and in a few minutes. Well, you have your ice cream waiting for you in the kitchen ultra lazy

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