NBA Finals 2019: With all the adversity the Warriors have faced, a title over the Raptors could be their biggest yet


Every series or every championship has its own stories and how great would it be for given all of the adversity the wears you're having to deal with right now that if they can come through this thing and they can win this. I mean what an what an all time or, you know, I mean I keep telling like saying to my dad and other people like warriors are missing the best player in the world arguably. And I mean, the fact is, is that, you know, listen, you gotta cheat your cap, Toronto's healthy and the thing that impresses me about Toronto, Toronto, moves the basketball and dig find the open guy, but dollars just a wounded a wounded animal right now and they played their guts out tonight. The bench players look like bench players. You know, I mean for his as hard as they try, they're, they're just there's not a premium bench player that comes off the bench that can light up the scoreboard for the warriors, and they haven't had one of those in a couple of years. But listen, if they can get Klay back, and they can go ahead and write the ship. I believe that they can come out and win game two because let's face it. I mean they didn't play other than curry didn't play tonight. And if they could write the ship, and then they can go ahead and get Tron to maybe start missing some shots and a few things like that. Only believe the series to go seven but, you know, let's not give up the fate. You know, we're watching a great team. And they're said versity right now. So, but I agree real quick. And I know I gotta go, but, you know this expecting you can't expect anything all. Yeah. Here thing. Oh, no. Can't expect it at all. Winemaker great stuff. Thanks so much. And I, you know, says something really important there about Toronto, the, the good, right? And I and what I mean by that is like they are like the warriors in that you watch them. And you go okay you're playing basketball, the right way. This is not the Houston Rockets that just make you want to gouge your eyes out when you're watching them. There's, there's something about the Rouch was real like, okay. I mean they're planning on both sides of the ball. They're playing team basketball. They're good man. They, they are difficult. There's no question, then the other thing that just pops to mind, there is. I think there's something on fair with the way people talk about teams in the wake of major injury, though. Look at it, and they'll go, oh, it's Steph K D go down. We saw Stephan clay and Draymond. Okay. But understand you have to suddenly. On the fly in the playoffs adjust everything you've been doing all year long. All you just go back to the way you were playing three years ago. That's not that easy. So to do that on the fly at the warriors, for the most part done. It successfully is no small thing. All right. Those of you on hold stay right there, because we'll come back to you, but I want to jump on and get kurtenbach in here bay area news group who is live over to oracle after the game. Great to have you. Thanks for making the time. What, what, what were your main takeaways tonight? The warriors didn't have enough dudes. They talk to simple as that I it Steph curry could do it. Step in curry did. And it just doesn't matter. That means you don't have enough dudes and that, that applied for both sides of the court, the warriors defenseless and nearly good enough. Yeah, the raptors got a little bit. You know lucky maybe a little bit of a progression to the mean but it when you let a team knocked down ten three pointers in the second half. You don't deserve to win. And when you just don't get anybody else. I mean, just nobody else contributing on the offensive end to the best of their ability, other than Steph curry, it's I it just looked like an impossible task for the warriors to win given the way that they played. Well, that's my next question. Let's say Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant, and it's not trending this way. But let's say they can't play Friday or they or clay tries, and, and, and, you know, something physically. He's not right. This particular warrior group that played denied do you think they're capable of getting a game over the raptors perhaps only because there's so much room for improvement on the defensive end and I'll be offensive end as well. But man, it would be tight if they could get one apparently they're only going to score one hundred nine points in every game. I I just don't I just don't I just don't see Sepe able to do something like this again. Not that he's, you know, beyond his realm of possibility. Just man. It was it was special when to ask for something like that twice as greedy. But I'm looking at it. Like DeMarcus cousins was a no show. Ultimately do we think that we can really expect his cousins to show up in a game like this? He he looked completely gas, Marcus all his breakfast, lunch and dinner, Shaun Livingston. I know that it was underwhelming performance, but it sort of par for the course was, Sean this year. He's been fighting it all all season Draymond, I guess can be better on the offensive end. What he provided came too late. Andre kind of right on par. But like you're dealing with, you know, couldn't cook, Andrew bogut, Chidi, Jordan, Bella Jonas, Jared coat here. I mean if they're going to win a game without clay without Kevin. They are absolutely threading needle data kurtenbach bay area news group at oracle with us on these sports later. What do you think tonight did for a guy like Steph those of us here in the bay may already have are, are well formed thoughts on Steph curry, the basketball player? But, you know, that nationally people wait for the finals to really come after this guy on a night when the defense was totally stacked against him. And he still scored forty seven. What do you think that does for them? Well, it gives them the validation that he doesn't look for. But he deserved a long time ago. But I'm sure that you would trade it in again to the wind the warriors are in a spot here down to one and not knowing who they have for game four. So maybe step has to do it again. And if he does do it again, in the warriors win. We might as well throw a parade after that game because it will be such a celebration of everything. Steph curry, brilliant career up to this point Steph, never. We'll never get the credit is it will take five years, ten years for people to understand what he's done back, just for this franchise for the NBA at the whole, and I'm just kinda done waiting on people to figure it out onto the thing in a way like we, we know and if those people don't want to be smart enough it and figure it out for themselves what live in their ignorance pretty wonderful thing to watch. What did you observe with regard to team morale tonight? They seem pretty confident. So they're always listen. This is not a team that gets face. And but at the same time, I think that they know if they don't have those guys, they don't have Kindy, if they don't have play that they know that they don't have the dudes to keep up with Toronto of a lot of the stuff. I said earlier, I they know it and they're confident they always believed that they can fight back. This is not something they haven't face before this team. Let's not forget was down three one in the twenty sixteen Western Conference finals against probably a tougher team, then beings rats an intake in back in one it, and they beat the Cavaliers in twenty fifteen down to one spot. They, they know that they have that little extra something that's necessary to come back from this. But that requires all hands on deck, and right now that's just not the case. And again, we won't really know probably until game time on Friday night, if they got it or not. That's a really, really scary place to be when you think about where this diner. that going into other incredibly important i won't say must win but i mean boy going down three one wouldn't that be good big old big old big old game on friday yeah no doubt about that but it you kind of led me to what i was gonna ask you next i if they lose friday night what what kind of a chance do you still give them with the idea that it sounds somewhat likely that by monday they get all the horses back yeah i mean we'll just have to see who plays in that game and how that one transpire sabi i don't want to move out a full squad warriors team from doing anything and they could absolutely rattle off three wins in a row they have they have that thing inside them that allows them to get to that level but man i mean we do have to give toronto some credit at some point they're really really good and especially on the defensive end and has games you know tighter in the moment if larger stuff slows down and when it slows down that plays right into toronto hands on a lot Way, I would, I would be really, really surprised doesn't matter. If Durant played back, I it doesn't matter if they look a hundred and ten percent, it'd be really, really surprised if the raptors wouldn't win the series that they went up three one. Which is why put so much. So much on it on Friday. Yeah. I do the curtain vary. A news group is is with us. The one question I have there, though, like I remember the warriors, first championship LeBron loses all of his teammates and even still dot warriors group because it was their first one, you know that four win for your first title is really hard

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