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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. Create and publish a stunning website. All from one powerful platform. Go to wicks dot com to create your very own professional website today. That's w I x dot com in stay tuned, after the show to hear you can take advantage of special offer for talking tech listeners. So you bug in the name of new photo site. That has a twist contest. Okay. We've got or he gotten here, he is to see. Oh, and he's going to tell you all about it on today's talking tech. Let's talk contests. Awesome. Thank for having so yeah. We're very excited to share about our community. We're a community of creative professional photographers worldwide and any type of the referees. Welcome from bar dre. It's travel light style to landscapes. We have run a lot of context in our community. So to give you an example, we right now have over fifty different contests going on. We've crisis from trips to Iceland exhibitions obligation in books to cameras. Limpest tripod each contests has unique thin so have unique, get Joe jet, and of course prices, so we love contest because that's what the reference ourselves we see their valuable so meeting your image getting feedback from beards and seeing how you level again or they're amazing photographers. Okay. So what is is their money associated with these contests. Or is it just basically saying you one and, and people love your photo? You one people love your photo, but not only that we have on each contest. A grand jury selection and the people's choice. And we do a really awesome price some. The win cash on Amazon gift cards, for example, or there's win actual comrades or Lynch's. Or even we recently had a contest where we won a trip to Iceland. So it's very exciting to get the recognition and the amazing feedback from beer some jobs, but also win actual prices. Why don't you tell everybody else they can do besides the contests. So decides to contest where community where we like to give photograph the tool store members are Michel needs to help the show creators will expand their knowledge and become better. So on top of the contest, we run user generated photo challenges. Any member of the community can run their own challenge. We've had over forty thousand challenges creative by members of the community members can also Bill. Their own portfolio website, their own domain. We have in house, beside IRS dot com. Help for the workers. We their photography logos to make sure there is elevated and not only that we have over five hundred -cational videos to help from amateur to professional improve their technique, and skill dot com. I o s an Android up gotten from view bugs. Thanks talking tact with us. I'm Jefferson Graham looks in the corner where I'm at some Graham extracted. This extracted show, where he looks online audio and I'll be back tomorrow with another quick hit when the world attack. Sometimes having a great idea is the easy, part getting people to hear about your idea. Not always so simple. But now there's wicks at wicks dot com. You can start and publish your website for free wicks artificial design intelligence, creates a stunning website for you in just a few minutes. You can choose from over five hundred stunning templates, or start from scratch just answer, a few questions about your business to get started wicks provides you with an all in one business solution to grow your online presence, plus all sites include Bilton SEO tools, so you can easily get found online, and in search engines, like Google, and Bing, build a website of your very own with wicks today. And if you go to Whigs dot com and use our code talking, you'll get ten percent off any premium plan with wicks premium plans. You'll get more storage a free domain for a year and much more. That's wicks w I x dot com, promo code talking. For ten percent off your premium plan.

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