Screen time is rising and it's ruining us: Here are some ways to cut back


Is hashtag look up a parenting guide to screen use. Now Judy just last week. We saw the World Health Organization the who say that no screen time for children under one and then for kids between one and two two and four there are different recommendations there now. But I think it's the first time the who is. Out and really put a guideline on it. Yeah. Actually that is the first time that they have and they're recommending really under the age of two no screen time whatsoever and two to five they're saying no more than one hour, but less is better. And in the United States the American padding candidate pediatrics came out with a similar guideline in twenty sixteen the only thing that they're allowing really is video chatting for young children. But the most really important thing that did come out is that in December of twenty eighteen it was actually announced to sixty minutes at the National Institute of health just rolled out a three hundred million dollar study. It's called the ABCD study and lessen brain cognitive development. And they're gonna study teens for ten years nine and ten year old they're taking eleven thousand children and they're going to start doing brain scans. And see what's being doing to them so duty. How do we? Balanced because screens are part of our lives. Right. And they're not they're not going to go anywhere. And this technology is not going to go anywhere and kids need to you know, they need to learn how to do this stuff too. So where's the balance? How can we balance? All. Yep. You know, I think for for me, I think it's like Goldilocks, you wanna do not too much not too little just right? And I think a lot of it depends on does your child go to school that has Chromebooks. Are they allowed to screens all day? Well, then you need to probably rain it in more at night. If they go to school that has textbooks. Maybe they can take a couple of hours, and you know, watching that do the homework on screen most the new the new three hundred million dollar study that I just talked to you about the first five thousand scans are complete and they already came in and said two hours was kind of the magic number. If you've got over two hours. That's when you started to see a cognitive decline where they restoring lower on thinking thinking and language tests for most parents, I think two hours is kind of that magic number for the older school age children. Okay. Is this, you know, try to find old school ways that you can still, you know, have the functionality of the phone, but if there is an alternative that doesn't bother screen use it, for example, using alarm clock to wake up don't use your cell phone when you walk in the door put your phone in a home like your landline would be and then leave it there. Don't carry it around in your pocket if it is in your pocket, turn it off. So your brain doesn't always wait for it to do something. And so I think it's just changing our habits one habit at a time until we have a better balance with these screens because you're right. They're not going to go away and Judy you'd mentioned the cognitive part of this. What are some other some other ways or symptoms at that? You can find if you know, maybe a child is is using a screen too much. I've heard about disruption of sleep to. Yeah. Actually sleep is probably one of the top ones because we have this. This hormone called melatonin that gets released and I screen, although it looks white. It actually is the blue light. Which is what the sun is. The sun is primarily made a blue light someone Ron screens at night. It's the presses melatonin, and we don't get good quality sleep. And so one of my suggestions in my book is at least two hours before bed. Just don't be on screen and have your kids do their computer homework. Right when they get home. And then at the end of the night, having do math problems, you know, get their launch ready, piano, all the non screen activities and don't say with your phone in your bedroom. For sure not in your bedroom at all not in your bedroom. Okay. The book is called hashtag look up a parenting guide to screen us. She's Judy Stoffel Judy. Thanks so much for the insight this morning. Thank you. Thanks for having me. Awesome. Have a great day Bye-bye. Yeah. I I liked that. She gave us some some tidbits on. Okay. If you wanna change your behaviors here are some things you can do because we always talk about. Well, you gotta use it less. You gotta use it last. We've gotta use it less. Okay. Well, wow. Like, you know, I am. I am addicted. Right. Like, I I'm not one to point fingers either. I'm on my phone a lot a lot in fact enough work meal. Just gets annoyed with me sometimes. But we limit it. With our kids, we have limitations. We don't really they don't have an ipad. And they don't they're not on our phones at all. Unless like we show them a acute video or something that they've done or or every now and then a they like music videos. They love a shallow. I mean, who doesn't really they? Oh, dad, we hear the falling song. They they love to see that music video but kids are still going baby shark there in a shell. And let me down slowly, and they they like pop music now, but we limit all that stuff. You know, at least we try to. But I mean, look it's challenging for parents, you know, and his challenging because there's there's a lot for us to deal with. But I like what Judy said to about, you know, pay don't care it in your pocket all the time. Just put it up there. And then you'll just kind of break some of these habits that we've gotten into. Now, we look at like some other habits that we're seeing out there every now, and then we get these these pop ups, right? And if you look on social media YouTube, Facebook, whatever you see these challenges, right? And usually it's teenagers these teams with their challenges. So there's a new one that doctors are warning teens not to participate in this dangerous quote shell on challenge. So. This is completely ridiculous. This is eating foods with the packaging still on. So now, this is kind of in the realm of the tide pod. Right. Hey kids. I know it seems fun to to eat the tide pods. Don't do it. But this is in that realm eating foods with the with the packaging still on teens are doing this. They're like eating a banana without taking the peel off or they're eating a watermelon. Well, biting through the outer shell or the little Debbie snacks. They'll eat the the packaging with it. The plastic the plastic in a post that video online. Hey, it's the shell on challenge. I mean, I've done some dumb things though. I. A really stupid sometimes. Yeah. I mean at least with the tide pods. Very this. At least with the I was saying in comparison the tide pods. I guess at least part of this is actual. Yeah. You talk about the little, Debbie. I don't know. I it tastes better without the rapper. Yeah. Typically. Yeah. I would think I've I've never eaten the peel of banana. Yeah. Have you know accidentally you bite a little too far when he'll got the watermelon. You get a little bit of the right? Oh, that's nasty. Yeah. Oh, I can't imagine it and the whole thing. Yeah. Yeah. I'm I'm thankful. We grew up in in an age that didn't have YouTube. Okay. Because we used to do like late note late night talk shows and my basement we'd record them. And so then I'd be like the host, and like my buddies would be the guests and they'd come on the show. And so those are somewhere we recorded though, somewhere, and then we would do like music, videos and stuff like that. Good monologues. Not great monologues. Not not very funny. No. But yeah, but those things would have been on YouTube and thank God. They're not they're just they're lost somewhere on VHS somewhere. Your mom might have the tapes there you can make a call. Diane. Those late night talk show host. All right. Up next. Some breaking news this morning. The the director of boys in the hood, John singleton reports are that he has passed away at just fifty one years old. But now they're saying he is on life support. We'll we'll fill you in on that. He's an all time or

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