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You'll you'll and coach -able but you got a lot of talent and you just don't have the genetic you know, build to do what you do, but we'll get into that. Now. I thought that was dope as hell though, man. Thank you. Thank you. So I that with the young kid, partly Twenty-one, so I moved to this place called bernardsville, New Jersey and the New Jersey, the very the people that live there, like Eminem the Mars family and stuff like that the Inglewood family, the people that they big, well, had people that 007 goal Vanderbilt type the timing Tim Brayden those guys. So one day, I'm just moved in the neighborhood Bernard's. Right. And the whole comes to me. Amalgam forbes. All right. And know what he's driving a green. L. M. O. O two. Lamborghini truck. And I said, what is that? What is that? I found out how to get when I got one man, I had. There's a couple around, but a lot of people that obviously, like that don't make the parts. No more not just that they made them they made. So few back then. And there was some issues with from back then. Oh, the motor here had vicious. So the people who do have them these guys who have, you know, hundred million dollar car collections you

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