Ellen Pompeo scolds 'Bachelor' creator for insulting Kelly Ripa: 'We don't attack successful women on our network'


So yesterday, we talked about Kelly, Ripa she's never hid. The fact that she does not like the bachelor or the bachelorette, because she thinks it's gross, she thinks that women shouldn't be fighting over. One man ordinary. And yes, she and she just doesn't like it and. Then the creator of the bachelor called her out. And then Chris Harrison called her out. Hannah had fun with it. He said, look out bachelor nation his this coming after you and your disgusting Monday night habit. Yes. But then Mike, the creed or brought it to a different level. The crater Mike said, careful Ripa the bachelor franchise pays your salary. Yeah. To which I said kiss my earth again. That's not true. No. You know who pays all of your paychecks, the avengers? Yeah. The, the ventures pays all of your salaries and Walt DisneyWorld pays all salaries that, that division of the company come on so back down show, the old grey mayor. She ain't what she used to be. Let's just say that anyway. But we have an update lex. What happened? Yeah. We'll Dr gray Ellen Pompeo. Of course, you know, she talked about making money for ABC starve. Grey's anatomy. He gets on it on Twitter. Mike Fleiss, his handle is Fleiss Meister. And she says, okay, Fleiss, my start that some handle, bro. That's not what it is. Lexi, Cami L is yeah. That's what it is. He says, that's why I mentioned it because she says some handle, bro. Your show doesn't pay Kelly, Ripa salary, also you don't attack successful women on our network and men, certainly don't take credit for their success. Don't get me started on your show because I'm a savage and then her hashtag is bachelor. So with four white. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Movies,

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