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Screen time. Russell and Santos or Santos says the president would have it have in this episode leaves them coming across not in a particularly charming fashion their sittings without anything to say to each other in the Oval Office before they get their sort of verbal uprating by the president about the they have to play nice or there will be consequences, and they don't come across great. No, they come across the sort of like one and strained. Yeah. And there's also I think something childish about they're sitting there in the oval with nothing to say each other, like, yeah, I get it. They're running against each other and things are closed and things are tight, but that's it. You got nothing. Right. And I, I like that seen as well, by the way, like president Bartlett's kind of no nonsense approach. No attacks on each other. I'm going to be watching. I think you've overstepped the line, I'm going to grab the nearest microphone and say show and don't be surprised to find Dorsey, other guy while I'm at I kind of like the sort of back room political approach. I think that is one of the reasons why the dynamic between the president and Vinik feels, so different because he does have this kind of parental relationship to Russell and Santos, yeah. He puts them in their place, and it feels like he's the adult and their kids and then Vinik comes in and he's another adult. Yeah. That's very well, put there's this sort of, don't make me separate, you two kind of feeling to that scene in the oval. Yeah. There's a nice long traveling steady Cam seem between CJ will that. I really dug. Yeah, yeah. Will chasing CJ down. He's imploring her. I think to modify the plan for the photo op. Yes. He wants to have a little bit more time for the vice president, you know, out of deference for the fact that he is the vice president the president's idea, I can't believe, can't you see this as an insult to the? Vice president to bring them into his wife. Yeah.

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