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Lira Mckie, Northern Ireland And Sarah discussed on Inside Europe



Has been international condemnation this week after the murder of journalist in Northern Ireland lira mckie was reporting to riots in the city of Londonderry also known as dairy when she was shot. The group known as the new era says was responsible for the twenty nine year old's death. David hunter has this report Lear Mckee was tipped as one to watch a rising star in the world of journalism. However, her career was cut short. She became the latest innocent victim of a long and troubled history. Northern. For over forty years to communities here were involved in a conflict which claimed Thorson's of lives. Very sorry about fast in Northern Ireland. We don't wanna return to this really just like it's just so set young Garrick your life just doing ritual. People don't want to see a return to the violence of the past the unionist community largely over Protestant bunk. Roy and want to see Northern Ireland remain part of the United Kingdom, but the nationalist minority mostly of a Catholic community want to see the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Republic in nineteen ninety eight after decades of boming riots and murders a peace deal was signed known as the Good Friday agreement the agreement that has emerged from the Northern Ireland peace talks opens the way for the people there to build a society based on during peace, Justice and equality signed almost exactly twenty one years before liras murder and Deloitte, people to choose whether the. Wanted to be British Irish or both by law and also cleared the way for the main par military organizations here too late on their weapons and end decades of conflict lira once described her generation as the ceasefire babies, the so-called new array responsible for her Jeff as one of the groups that which refused to accept on arrangement and is still using an armed campaign to try and bring about a United Ireland. The Irish president Michael d Higgins has this message for them. Please unrepresentative. I hope you'll reflect on what you have done. See the appalling unsustainable on justify take Footrot. You'll have these dissident Republicans are fiercely opposed to the nineteen Ninety-Eight under Britain's involvement in governing. Northern Ireland Ryan's brew going on the streets. Were LeRoy was killed as police searches believing an attack against them was imminent, youths began throwing paddle bombs and bricks before a gunman. Opened fire of the armored police vehicles beside which lira had been taking shelter. She was struck by a stray bullet leaving her partner. Sarah devastated. This cannot stand. There is death. Most not being vain because her life was Shane late everyone else's life. There is friend lost the mat with a young writer earlier in the day that she was killed discussing her plans to build a new life in Derry where she moved from her native city of Belfast. She showed me pictures of the ring that she'd brought for Sarah and told me of the fabulous plan. She had for the proposed in New York. And may I was given strict instructions to where my kilt which she always wanted to borrow onto find a refined.

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