Lakers reportedly to interview former Grizzlies coach J.B. Bickerstaff as coaching search continues


B Bickerstaff is going to interview for the Lakers. Head coaching position at Bernie, son. It is son. Yes, he spent two seasons as the grizzlies head coach and went forty eight and ninety seven he was also the interim head coach in Houston after Kevin McHale was fired right before the rockets hired Mike, Dan, Tony. He's scheduled to meet with Jeanie Buss. Rob Pelinka Joey bus, Jesse bus, Tim, Harris. And of course, Linda and Kurt Rambis. And yes, his father is Bernie Bickerstaff interim coach five games before. Mike Brown after Mike Brown was fired. But he looks like his dad, of course, you would he's well worked. These are the Lakers coaching candidates, and this is their last two seasons as head coaches JV Bickerstaff was fifteen and forty eight and thirty three and forty nine before he was fired Frank Vogel was twenty nine and fifty three and twenty five and fifty seven for he was fired Jason Kidd, forty two in forty twenty three twenty two five. Admits season final Holland's ten and twenty seven in his last season was fired mid season. And Mike Woodson was thirty seven and forty five before he was fired. That is you'll want to coaching pool. I I don't know enough about J V Bickerstaff to have an opinion. But he's interesting. I always liked his dad. Interesting list. My feeling is that they have completely blue completely blown this coaching. Search not been good. They they should have got money Williams. If that was the guy that they wanted they should've paid whatever and giving him whatever it is. He wanted to get him. Because what I feel like is. If you have someone in mind, that's your number one guy the moment that it goes out to the public. That is your number one guy. He is now your guy otherwise you look like a second option, and you're the Lakers. You can't be the second option. And then when you go to your number two guy, and he turns you down your now on your third option. And everyone knows this is your third option. Well, that's why you know, it's amazing to me. How stuff gets out like?

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