Jay Inslee announces $9 trillion green jobs plan


Governor, Jay Inslee, first major policy proposal of his twenty twenty presidential campaign calls for a nine trillion dollar investment in a clean energy economy that generates eight million jobs. More from komo's Corwin Hake ever since Inslee launched his White House bid as the climate change candidate. He has touted the shift two zero emission, energy grid as an engine of job creation, mechanical engineers to build electric bustles, but also carpenters in machinists and sheet metal workers to refit our building, so that they don't waste energy. That's the governor in Los Angeles earlier this month today. He's in Washington DC, where in perhaps a nod to his home state hill, lay out what he calls the evergreen economy plan a campaign release a head of this morning's announced. Towns at twenty eight point action plan to create jobs, repower, the economy, again, in the words of the statement to rebuild infrastructure and to reinvest in innovation the plan calls for nine trillion dollars in total investment over the next decade, including three trillion in federal

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