Child struck by line drive at Cubs-Astros game


During the fourth inning tonight's Astros cubs. Game down in Houston album Albemarle junior was at the plate plays outfielder Kaga cubs hit a foul ball into the seats on the third base side of the Houston of the in Houston ballpark, according to the reports, and the bitter that we've been able to see the game is being carried any SPN the ball that Albemarle junior. Hit hit a small child was quickly brought up the stairs by an adult and album. More juniors reaction was something that has gone viral so far on Twitter and other forms of social media ESPN reported, Jesse Roger at the game covering that game as part of the SPN covered covers the cubs. He joins us in Freddie and Fitz. Simons Jesse a lot of video lot of her the story you're there. What did you see? Yeah. I was a pretty scary moment. The line drive down the left field line. Hits young fan. And I saw the father, or whoever was carrying holding the kid run upstairs with him very small child and take them underneath the infirmary now I I'm hesitant to report anything that isn't official from the Astros. But I let's take a positive vibe. I'm hearing positive things Childers at the hospital or on the way getting what I was told his care and not any serious treatment from what the preliminary information, I'm getting on a little hesitant. But that's good news. I'm not going report, the back without being offended. But that's what I'm hearing early from sources here. But it really L Mora, he was on his e Joe Madden sold sold them. And then the next inning after e fence he came over to where it happened down the third base line was talking to fans and then gave a huge two-minute hug. To the security guard that was there. Now, I'm not sure if that hug was of release or something else in a negative manner. If you know what I mean. So we'll find out more don't want to speculate too much, but I'm from early sources here at minute maid positive sign, but we'll see as a child gets caring more in a little

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