DotMusic Wins Rights to .MUSIC Domain Name Extension


Listeners will not love more music, and once again on counting down the days to the Glastonbury festival next month well on planning on completely losing ourself and recharging my motor by putting my smartphone and technology downing going off thicker head for a few days. And the media will talk about three to five headline acts and how that's the whole purpose of the weekend. The best thing about that whole event is actually not the headline is but wondering round nine hundred acres around. I think it's one point four square miles and soaking up over a thousand acts across many, many stages and actually stumbling across things I wouldn't normally listen to even find myself in a hurry Krishna turn a few years ago. Oh, but that's the story for another time. But I do want to talk about music and technology today because hearing twenty nine thousand nine if you ever looked up let's say Drake and tried to go to Drake dot com. You quickly realize it has nothing to do with Drake the artist for that you need to go to Drake official dot com. Just to find his information and this highlights how even the world's biggest artist don't always own their dot com. Website. But a new domain name called dot music is looking to change that and change that digital music landscape because dot music, we'll be the first to main extension launch with music tailored policies to actually protect Craig as rights and ensure the only legitimate music artists industry professionals and companies can claim their name without fear of cybersquatting, all piracy, essentially dot music is the exclusive community top level domain name initiative, giving music entities an artist a unique identity online and the specialized dot music web address actually enhances LeBron's visibility online and ensures that dot music websites are associated with a memorable self-explanatory an ultimately trusted badge representing the music industry. What excites me about dot music? Paving the way for next generation of the internet by building a home to everything related to music. I mean since two thousand and four. Live under the slogan wheel music dot music. As also embarked on an extensive communication outreach campaign to launch this domain name and the initiative, so I want to find out more about this journey, and how dot music, the dot music, domain more, and how a small company with a big dream be out tech behemoths, which is Google Amazon and secured, the top level domain extension. He's a fantastic story. It's an inspirational story so book elope and hold on tight. So I can be me is all the way to Los Angeles. So we can speak with Constantine Russa's, founder and CEO of dot music. So massive warm. Welcome to the show Constantine. Can you tell valley says about who you are? And what you do. Yeah. Hi, thanks for having me know. My name is Constantine Russa's. I'm the founder and CEO of dot music. I'm responsible for setting an executing mission and purpose of dot music, which is to create a trusted and safe online haven for music consumption, licensing, establishing, a safe home on the internet for music, community members and protecting intellectual property and fighting piracy and supporting musicians, welfare and beyond. The implementation of the dot music mission. I also lead the strategic direction and execution of dot music's goes to launch a safe and verified dot music domain extension. Like, he's fantastic what you do here. And for people just saying about you for the first time don't music is a community based to main extension is supported and then. Thousands of the most trusted and influential musical stations all across the world. But can you set the scene and bring older listeners up to speed with exactly what it as in who your customers will ultimately be? So dot music is a generic top level. Gombeen extensions. Also known as a T L D or a GT LD those acronyms. Could also be called a domain ending or suffix just to give examples of other domain extensions. You've got dot com dot net dot org dot TV dot U, K dot info, eccentric cetera. And basically any member of the global community will be able to register adopt music through global retailers such as go daddy weeks. One in one in the web address of will look like something like WWW dot your named on music for the customers are obviously musicians creators, artists bands music industry professionals music companies. In other words, any entity that relates to music full minorities point, if you then what's the difference between having adult music, domain, competitor dot com, domain that is the million dollar question right there. And it's it's one of the questions that that we always get Oviously. What is the difference? And what are the advantages of dot music over dot com. So so basically, the the idea of of dot music is for the domain extension to be exclusive to the global music community. In other words, if you're a pet owner, and you want to do a website about your pet that wouldn't work if you're a first furniture owner that would either. So it would be exclusive only to music usage. And Furthermore, it has enhanced safeguards copyright protection. Brand name protection owners will be verified. And basically it would be a badge of trust. In addition, something that's very special ball dot music will be the build insecurity. In other words, HTTPS? So this helps for search engine ranking and we have Google for the pioneers in that space. They launched the first domain extension, which incorporates this building security HTTPS in dot app dot APP, and they have made statements, and it's it's one hundred percent certainty that they give secure sites a ranking boost in Google search. So obviously if you have dot apt that website will rank higher with everything held equal. It would rank higher in the search results. And we thought that was fantastic. 'cause 'cause it's aligned with our safe twisted, secure, verified dot music. So we will also incorporate that built in security, so we'll be the second top level domain. Attention after Google's extensions that will incorporate that, and we believe search engine ranking is a key determinant. Also the other question that we get with respect to dot music versus dot com is the idea that don't music will replace I- musicians or music companies dot com. I think that's the wrong idea. I actually think that's the way that it should work is sort of like social media. You've got your Twitter account. You've got your Facebook. You've got your Instagram, and you've got all these complementaries that help you build your brand increase, your reputation, and and traffic, so let me explain for example. Let's say you're a big artist and you've got your dot com and your strategy for that is to sell tickets or want. Not. So you determine the strategy don't music on the other hand, it's strength is more technical than anything else. So in other words, it will be optimized to get higher. Search engine ranking and also to increase conversions. So the studies out there that say that if you have a exact match. For something that the looking for then you'll conversion rates are higher, for example. Let's take Queen. So so if you have W W, W W, W dot Queen dot music and people are looking for Queen music, queens music, and they see the URL while they want to know if it's official unofficial and whatnot. They would click higher chance of them clicking on it in the search engine results. Secondly, the other issue with dot com is Google, and Bing and all the search engines have no idea whether the the websites vary fight or license or on license with his pirates with its no pirates. So it could be optimized as a signal to Google that. Hey, this is saved this trusted. You know, this is the authority website. And it's official and you can actually build a song strategy

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