Natalie Portman denies Moby's claims they dated


Natalie Portman actress, so Moby bragged in his book that he dated Natalie Portman at one point, he, he said, in kind of a humble brag, he said here, I was in my dressing room in this movie star was flirting with me. She claims she never flirted with them. He was creepy to her. She claimed he was a creepy older man who behaved inappropriately with her. He said, I was twenty she said in his book, he said he was thirty three and she was twenty. He said, I was twenty I definitely wasn't I was a teenager. I just turned eighteen there was no fact checking hammers publisher he goes on to say, no, no, they dated any says, I don't know why she would say such when we in fact dated, and we kissed under the trees at Harvard University, and he smuggled with her, and her dorm, and then once she fell asleep, he removed her arm and went back to his hotel. So I guess they didn't do anything more. Have you heard music? Poppy happy. He's do you who do you believe here? And is this another case of we were just talking about some guy will say, no, I was mentoring her, and I was being kind can be she said no use being creepy. They both have their own interpretation of this, Joe. Well, I think this sounds well, Mobis known vegan activist. So I think is lower testosterone affected his memory. Is real beta male moved to think I thought we were dating. Now, now she just being nice to you clown, used to play guitar in punk band called that can commandos. That's right. Yeah. Vatican. Yeah. If you really want it, look, I guess, this book, he had an interaction with Lana del Rey before she was famous, apparently trying to lure her back to his place to play the piano, and she shut him down. Really good. And even the expert he's like, I couldn't tell shoes, insulting me or not. It's like dude that verbally throwing a drink in your face. Well, tell you when you years ago, if you a rock musician and you got famous part of, you know, the fringe benefits of being a rock musician was young gals in coming back to your dressing room. I mean that's and Moby was trying to ride into that. But he's, you know, he's got admit the, he's the guy him and all his friends brought in this modern era. Yeah, but, you know, okay, fine groupies, but now, he's shooting, a little high with Natalie Portman, they're, you know, okay mic. So I think so of him, he said, I'm sure she was. But it doesn't mean she was sexually attracted to him, or even if she was it doesn't mean as I remember being twenty and you know, you could be attracted to a guy in his thirties, but, you know, doesn't mean you would hook up with him. That's like Super Bowl to old, I'm doing the math here. He said in his book, he was thirty three she was twenty and they dated and he talked about. She was twenty she was in my dressing room. She was flirting with me. She. She said I was young. I was barely eighteen fifty three. She's thirty seven. I'm doing the math here that sixteen years if he was thirty three she was seventeen. Even his own story where he gets to. So we were back to her dorm. No, not even your own recollections. It don't go back to the dorm when you're definitely thirty three year olds should not be going to the dorm Eero. Yeah. No. I mean today, really are like fifteen to completing that's a good point. You made though because I remember when I was in my twenties and someone who is thirty. You couldn't believe that they were spry enough to walk like you don't have any conception. Oh, yeah. There. I mean, come on, when you first in the city and you're working with other comics. And you think in yourself how old is guy like thirty? Yeah, you still at it. He's real. Meanwhile, cut to me, I'm like, you know. Late thirties. And I'm still going, I finally get by get booked on Conan. I was like

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