Early release of 'American Taliban' slammed by daughter of slain CIA officer


Eight. So called American, Taliban, John Walker Lindh is a free man right now after being released this morning from a prison in Indiana. He was captured during the US invasion of Afghanistan after the nine eleven attacks and he spent almost two decades behind bars. Alison span daughter of CIA officer, Johnny Micheal, Spann killed in Afghanistan, while interrogating Lindh says Lynn's plan release has a slap in the face. He's responsible in some part for the death of my father. And so for him to be released early just was unbelievable. We never thought that that was actually going to happen. Most her conditions have been put on Lynn's release, he will remain under supervision, including monitoring software on his internet devices requiring that his online. Mutations be conducted in English, and that he undergo mental health counseling. Some officials say that he never renounced

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