News in Brief 24 May 2019

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This is the news in brief from the United Nations in Afghanistan. Children suffering from the most serious form of malnutrition may die on seven million dollars in funding is found within weeks. Unicef. Said on Friday, you end children's fund spokesperson Kristof billions told journalists in Geneva. The two million children are acutely malnourished and six hundred thousand are in an even worse state. He likened the humanitarian situation in the water and country to one of the worst disasters on earth. I can tell you from experience and I'm not vicious that when you have six hundred thousand children suffering from severe could my nutrition, some of them are in very bad condition. And some of them need to be treated immediately and likely that some of them will die. The I'm just not in a position and the my nutritionist colleagues are not in position to tell you how many reliable evidence based that it's extremely worrying forty years of violence and last year's severe drought have compounded problems in the west and north of the. Country, mr. Bouillon Rak said the problem is particularly acute because UNICEF is the sole provider of treatment for severe acute malnutrition in Afghanistan, providing supplies to health facilities across all thirty four provinces. The Brazilian governments bid to tackle tobacco giants to recover the cost of caring for people who fall in ill from smoking, or exposure to tobacco smoke has been applauded by the UN health agency in a statement, the World, Health Organization or WHO cited the view of the authorities that public health spending triggered by tobacco consumption in Brazil amounted to billions of dollars annually and it warned that these so-called tobacco epidemic who is still one of the biggest public health threats in the world killing more than seven million people year. The WHO comment is in line with the framework convention on tobacco control a global pact signed by one hundred and eighty one countries that helps governments tackle the burden that the product places on people and national health systems, and finally to Bangladesh where water shortages have reached critical levels for one. Hundred forty thousand or hinge refugees living on the country's Teknaf peninsula, u n refugee agency, UNHCR said on Friday that it was expecting to begin delivering water by truck within ten to twelve days and put in new projects that will help the region cope with long dry seasons. Here's spokesperson Andrea Matsch because of the changing weather patterns. In fact, six months of longer dry-season without sufficient rainfall resulting now in, in critical cuts to the to the day supply of water to refugees. We are talking here about twenty liters a day. This is a minimum standard in an emergency. And we re cause of the shortage of water had to go even lower now to fifteen liters a day per person. This is opposed to meet all of people's need for water during the day. The array hinge, make up the majority who fled me on March during a government led security operation against separatists in raccoon state in the summer of two thousand seventeen Troy. Water to them and host communities will cost some sixty thousand dollars a month, according to you, and which is warned that it's humanitarian appeal for more than nine hundred thousand people is only one fifth funded so far this year. Daniel Johnson, UN news.

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