New Report on Status of SA Women Show Some Gains Amid Troubling Violence Trends


Major discrepancies in the report on the status of women in San Antonio. Some of these facts and figures reported in the twentieth. Nineteen report on the status of women in San Antonio really scary, especially when it comes to the issue of violence and safety women and bear county have by far the highest level of violent death by homicide of any county in Texas. As a matter of fact, our murder rate of women in bear county, one point eight per one hundred thousand that compares two point five per one hundred thousand up the road in Travis county, or more than three times, higher than Travis county and also three times, higher than Dallas county. Very, very scary statistics, San Antonio, has the highest rape rate by far of any major county in Texas, seventy five per one hundred thousand in Houston is only thirty five per one hundred thousand. Domestic violence and issue in the current race for mayor a real serious problem. The number of women murdered by mail intimate partners in bear county has been steadily increasing, and it is tripled since twenty twelve I mean, just think about that. That is just a terrifying statistic research shows violence against women is directly related to levels of gender inequality in a society and also violence affects affects women and many other ways living in fear damage to self esteem damage to their ability to grow to reach out to become entrepreneurs to all in their own businesses to invest in their lives. All of that is affected by violence against women others. They studied deaths from despair, which is a kind of an interesting catchphrase. It's used a lot these days. Women in bear county death rates per one hundred thousand by suicide whereabout average among the major counties in Texas among women. Drug induced were actually lower alcohol accidental drug overdose for lower alcohol. Induced were about average desk by chronic liver disease and psoriasis, significantly higher, in bear county than across the country. And that is just simply having a bad diet and also drinking being irresponsible than in diet and taking care of yourself. Women sixteen to twenty four years old in the San Antonio area. This is interesting. This is a positive are far less likely to be high school dropouts than males are, so at least a young girls are finishing high school. But when they go on to college, they're not majoring in the most lucrative fields twelve percent of women earn their degree in a stem field. Science technology, engineering or math in two thousand seventeen compared with thirty percent of women, and that's where the high paying jobs are obviously, we've talked a lot about the earnings gap the median. Earnings both men and women rise with the level of education, but at each educational level, meanings of men are higher than women in bear county among the most educated workers women make seventy two cents for every dollar that an educated man makes though area that we're saying the best progress is in city government. There is a push for what is called equity in city, boards and commissions. And we're getting there, there are several boards and commissions that are majority women, but there's still a lot that are one hundred percent man. We also have the lowest percentage of women on city council thirty percent of any major city in the country. As the report said, we need women's voices and shaping laws and policies, so they better reflect women's interests, and needs not to mention the fact that women are fifty three percent of the voters in bear county. So there's a long ways to go. I gotta tell you. This is not a positive study by any means we can expect a lot out of city hall in the coming year by whoever is elected mayor. To try to deal with some of these scary disparities, especially when it comes to crime and domestic violence in this

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