Setback for Lakers as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George grabbed by another team

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Paul george was playing at i mean he was a legitimate the shoulder right in and he wasn't the same again he played through tremendous injury a ends you know that team fell off host you know after that injury in in in was a fairly easy out in the playoffs and so i think for i think for paul george like what i think he thought he signed up for didn't feel like it was necessarily there anymore in here with this opportunity unity to come home to come to l i listen he already made a decision once he didn't want to play he could have walked right into the lakers with lebron james and the lakers had been his dream team i think why when he was in san antonio that wednesday expectation was that the lakers were the team and then that change for both of them for whatever reasons anes ohi partners up with with co why he gets the trade out of there an end for san presi so i don't think he was happy be having to do this by that that's what i was gonna ask you what do we know of that conversation like when does it start happening july third july fourth in is it is it is sam presi crestfallen is ramona described him is there any tension between paul george and russell westbrook or is it just a matter of paul george going in saying hey look we've we've hit the wall here i i grew up a clippers fan this is a chance for me to achieve my dreams is there anything we can do here well it was a few days ago whether it was what they is it now it's the seven i dunno more diarrhea saturday saturday amended on the sex that's that's so it's sick so so maybe the second maybe the first or the second they went to do that much time they get this done they went there in an a an ask for the trade end then i was told it wasn't really until the last twenty four thirty six hours so trade happened in the middle of the night on friday night my sense was those talks it maybe started twenty four thirty six hours prior

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