After big California earthquake, months of aftershocks to follow


Aftershocks continue in southern california after a massive earthquake last night the seven point one magnitude earthquake was the largest hit the area in decades people reported feeling it as far away as phoenix and baja california epicenter it was near the town rich press california about a two hour drive north of los angeles npr's nathan rot is there and he is with us now nathan hello thanks for being here yeah having a beer so seven point one is a massive earthquake what's it like in the town you know a town the got jolted by something of that magnitude 'em it's actually kind of amazingly in pretty good shape 'em i've seen very little damage driving around you know stop lights at are working stores it had their merchandise thrown about a you know some structures were damaged destroyed there were fires caused by ruptured gas pipes and some trailer trailer parks at were knocked skew us roads were closed some fractures rockslides and authorities do say the some buildings collapsed in a nearby town of about two thousand people trona now a but authorities say that so far knock on wood there had been no major injuries or reporters they tally set that's excellent news but i'd imagine that it's still in pretty scary for residents there how where people doing you know it's a bit of a mixed bag a a lot of the people i've talked to understand look this is southern california the land of many many seismic faults earthquakes just kinda come with the territory but other folks they're very shook i talked to one woman who said she lives through a lot of earthquakes but his never had anything like what you experience last night and remember the quick last night was the second major earthquake to hit here in just a couple of days on july fourth a six point four magnitude quake which is nothing to laugh at corrupted at the exact same spot so seismologist now see the that was easy for shock to last night's bigger event so you add those two things together in a lot of people are very much on edge i talked to some folks who slept outside last night in their yards at the backs of trucks they're planning to do that again tonight because they know this is not over on here's dionne bowman and i talked to who is loading up on water and supplies at a local grocery store we knows feel more calm i mean nothing has settled the ground still shaken as we speak so i mean right now were just taking it a day at a time in basically medicine seconds at a time i mean that's all we can do you know what he wasn't kidding right after i got done talking to him as walking back to my car and there was an aftershock that i kind of felt in and waived around a little how long do seismologist expect there to be these kinds of aftershocks days weeks months you know i think doctor lucy jones who's southern california's where the preeminent earthquake expert a sudden we could expect to see aftershocks from this birth quake for the next year a now the odds of another big seven point zero earthquake are relatively small at about three percent according to seismologist caltech odds of six point over higher at about twenty five percent but remember again this is an earthquake prone area seismologist at a press conference earlier said that this high desert area were in the mojave used to be known as be earthquake capital of the world we just haven't seen one in a while so where do people go from here what did they do knowing that this isn't over you know so local and state authorities are gonna continue to check for structural damage and houses roadways 'em they're definitely gonna keep checking major infrastructure bridges dams in area none of those have been reported

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