Explainer 163: What is the One Nation party, and why wont it go away?


However, far from a stray Lear, you may be and however little attention. You are paying to the federal election campaign through which the country is putting itself it is nicer than that sometime before polls open on me. Eighteenth your consciousness will be clouded by the name of the one nation party. And if I've been invited to I want into my home, then I should have the right to have say in my country. This may indeed already have happened the characteristically ridiculous interview given this week to a stray in television by one nations, founder and leader Senator Pauline Hanson possessed much of the stuff of which global viral sensations are made scandal fast tears, and the always happening spectacle of those who make their living trading in sanctimonious rage getting their own tone in the pillory. Keep going up. No have no. Until two people. Don't. The central issue of this particular brouhaha was the release of footage, which showed a one nation. Senate candidate Steve Dixon patronizing a strip club in Washington DC and while so doing making a variety of misogynist and racist remarks. Mr. Dixon has now resigned an issue. The does not reflect the person I am apology customary on occasions on which a public figure has done or said something reflecting on the person the when I finish work, and I'll help you never drink when you finish work, but we all do. I'm gonna put my hand on my heart. Have run as a young man being to strip clubs. I've done a whole lot of things. Most young men have done in this country. This was very far from the first scandal surrounding personal conduct of someone associated with one nation, and any bookmaker would be delighted to take your bit on it being the lust for as long as the party has existed. One nation has been a powerful magnet for crackpots. Ding, bats and Yahoos. But and he is the important and somewhat terrifying. Part exist run nation still does after more than two decades of contributing nothing to ustralia public discourse. But division paranoia and stupidity. You come to country you live under constitution in the Lauren. If you wanna have four or five. Do you wanna mutilated children? And if you want to treat women with right disrespect, this many countries you can live in. But none of them cold Estrada poll suggests that perhaps five percent Australia plan to vote for one nation, which is about what they got last time out in two thousand sixteen enough for four Senate seats, although in keeping with one nation tradition. This was reduced to their present to by infighting and incompetence gloriously given one nations hostelry to immigration one. Senator Malcolm Roberts had to resign upon discovering that he was a foreign citizen. His replacement Fraser ending who preferred to sit as an independent earned a richly merited measure of global infamy earlier this year by blaming the Christchurch mosque massacre on its victims. This is my land and RBIs going here. I don't know of any other place. As much as now, just because you're an average will is a week excuse. One nation founder emerged onto a straight national political landscape in nineteen ninety six when a stray is liberal party, which is a strenuous conservative party chose her as a candidate for the Queensland seat of Oxley the liberals then un-chinese her when she wrote a letter to a newspaper suggesting legislative efforts to make amends to a stray Leah's indigenous people had gone too far Hansen won the seat anyway as an independent and launched one nation shortly afterwards in her maiden speech to parliament, she reiterated her fact defying proposition that indigenous Australians were getting an easy ride and further fretted at the prospect of a strenuous. Hansen has moved on since then via picturesque political and personal upheavals, including a prison term for a fraud conviction to quashed, plus the inevitable appearances on reality television. And at one point falling out with the party. She'd founded more recently, she has been burgling about a string beans, Muslims and illustrated her terror of this prospect by wearing a burqa into the Senate chamber atypically pure oil stunt for which she was fiercely denounced by stray Leah's, then attorney General George Brandis enter ridicule that community to drive corner to its religious Gavin's is an appalling thing to do. And I would ask you. Looking back own the wretched one nation story tonight. It's possible to see him as pioneers in as much as someone has to have bad ideas. I the populist convulsions which have beset the United States and Europe in this century. Have looked dismally familiar to straightens accustomed to one nation's feral nostalgia at visting xenophobia and in persecution complex, obviously for the two hundred nineteenth time they were on. There is another Moroccan scum makes the streets unsafe. Video can comb what Nina goes control of our borders and put in place a positive immigration policy. I'm by main we won't Australian style point system. It would be wrong to describe one nation as a failure at least on the tones. They have regrettably attracted disproportionate attention from the media too easily seduced by the shabby thrilled with being seen to poke a bear with a stick. And because of this have too often succeeded in dragging mainstream conservatives towards this warm, but one nation remain fundamentally marginal proposition for two reasons which should be absorbed as lessons by other countries. The first is a stray Leah's compulsory vote. A powerful insulation against extremist entry is this second is that institutional and or ideological idiocy has a way of canceling itself out eventually. Twenty four. I'm andrew.

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