What should we make of all these NBA referee complaints?


What did you make of the whole? We got filed. We won the NBA championship last year. The the rockets complaints that they the officials of not treated them fairly. Everybody feels at some point that the reps start treating them fairly. And it's not really a question about fairness referees are not there to try to enforce there to try to enforce the rules. To do it as accurately and even handedly as humanly possible in a game in which the speed at lettuce schism of the participants makes it very very difficult in real time and fifty times more difficult in the aftermath because we watch it all and HD, and we are sit and scrutinize, and you know, blow it up to the last little pixel, and it's just it, you know, it's a tough job for the rest, regardless. It has made topper by how much one players are definitely trying to trick the refs bait them that happens and to how much they are. Then, you know, second guests in the aftermath. So in the case of warriors rockets, my basic point is this. I think there were some this calls against harden. I think that the league in their last minute report was correct in that the Draymond green call that they were most upset over at least at the end because it affected the last couple of second. The last minute of the game. They was a correct non call. And then James harden is doing things on his jump shot to make it, you know, it's a to draw contacts, and that's making it tough on the rest of call it accurately. Our back. You're on the show breaking it down. Howard, denver. I mean Yokich is been you know, there's all the superlatives awesome. And Denver wins that series. How do you expect that Denver Portland series to play out how competitive series, you think it's going to be it could go the distance very easily several of these semi final series? Actually, if you go the distance. In fact, I think there's a chance for all four of them. I it's a really good second round Portland wasn't supposed to be here necessarily after losing late in the season. Yes, they were higher seed, but a lot of people saw. In fact, I think like ESPN's pundits like nineteen out of twenty or something had the under upsetting the blazers and Denver, you know, look at the second. Yes. Of course, they're supposed to to advance. But a lot of people thought again, the Spurs, obviously, the more seasons team and veteran team and the nuggets had no experience whatsoever. Coming into this postseason. So they're both here is is cool. And it's refreshing. And it's interesting, and they're they're both just trying to kind of, you know, figure out you know, how how far they can push. It. Just fantastic. He's been great in the postseason a little bit less consistency from Jamal Murray minutes. Young cast Portland actually has the advantage in terms of experience because Lillard McCollum and a lot of their role guys are guys who have been in a bunch of postseason battles. And so, you know, I absolute think especially on you know, you get Dame hot one night. They they can they can win a game Denver. They can they can make this a series

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