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The president elect of the United States of America. Donald trump. Rachel describes how that night got them. Started a knock down the house the project started in in the fall of two thousand sixteen actually the day after the presidential election. And I wanted to find sort of between projects wanted to find a story that would that would be hopeful that a story that would be big and national in scope about people from different parts of the country in different backgrounds coming together to put forward a positive vision for for moving the country forward, and and building a better society a more equitable society. So so through that idea came in contact with the organization's brand new, congress and Justice Democrats who were recruiting ordinary working people to run for congress and really working on building a pathway to the halls of power for people who wouldn't ordinarily have a chance to get their nurses. Teachers. Bartenders, and and through those organizations, I met the four incredible women who are featured in the film, and and it's thrilling to be able to share their stories with you. They you'll see that. It's a story about power about what it takes to build power in yourself and in the world, and what it takes what it looks like to make the politically impossible possible. Rachel made those remarks last week as she introduced a screening at the IFC center after the film, Rachel and Robin took the stage for a live conversation. Led by DOCOMO senior. Programmer, Karen McMullan. Okay. So you're saying in your intro that the day you decided to make this film the day after Trump was elected most of us were in a fetal position somewhere, and you decided to get up 'cause I. Can

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