US city votes to pay ransomware demand


Story, a Florida city council voted to pay a ransom of six hundred thousand dollars in bitcoin to hackers that targeted. It's computer systems, and the payout is a sign of how unprepared much of the US's to deal with coming wave of cyber attacks. The city council of revere, Beach, Florida. This is in county. I used to actually used to Santa popular until this story you're grown up, but used to used to play my saxophone on a boat going up and down the intercoastal Rivera beach. Oh, really? That's interesting before imagery. No really haven't. The porta Palm Beach. So, wow. Revere beach is not like the richest place ever. They've had six hundred thousand dollars in bitcoin to hackers that targeted computer systems. Fifty miles north Fort Lauderdale to describe where revere visas? They should just just north West Palm Beach voted on Monday to meet the demands of attackers in hopes of getting back the city's compromise. Data CBS news reported to the Palm Beach post the TAC began on may twenty ninth when the from the police department opened an Email attachment that contain malware the software quickly spread through the computer systems affecting its E mail system and even the nine one, one dispatch operations that are tangent that the hackers demanding terrain bitcoin. The paper said there was no guarantee that hackers would honor their end of the deal after getting the money CBS reported the cancel already voted to spend one million dollars a new computers after the

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