A highlight from To connect with people, care about them, says leadership expert Mark C. Crowley

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to just about work, where we talk about everything that might have an impact on your career. I'm your host bev Jones. I'm an executive coach, and the author of find your happy at work. Our guest today is leadership expert, Mark Crowley. He spent 25 years in banking and financial services, and it is last job he led nearly 2000 investment brokers to best ever performance. Coming into that role, Mark had no direct experience selling stocks or the other products of these employees were offering. Nevertheless, that firm named him leader of the year and his first year. He did very well in business. These days, though, mark is a speaker consultant and writer. And today he's going to tell us about the new edition of his classic book, lead from the heart. He'll explain why whether you're leading a company or a group of college students. They are more likely to do well if you lead with caring

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