Remains of 160 people found in Bay Area cremation warehouse


Remains of multiple people have been found in the cremation warehouse in California. I'm Lisa dwyer. San Francisco Bay Area officials are working to identify the families of 160 people whose remains were found and warehouse used by a cremation business whose license was suspended. 6 bodies in the ash remains of 154 other people were found earlier this month at a warehouse in Hayward after the California cemetery and funeral bureau received several complaints from customers saying ocean view creations had stopped responding to them. Ocean view had its license suspended in 2018 and again last year and was not supposed to be operating or keeping remains in a warehouse. Many apparently were supposed to be dispersed at sea. The remains date back to 2013, but with poor record keeping and no contracts found, officials now have to check different databases to find out who the relatives are. I'm Lisa dwyer

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