A highlight from Reclaim The Holidays For YOU


The more the merrier. We hear this all the time. But I'm skeptical. In fact, whoever said the more the merrier hasn't been to some of the parties, I've been to. Well, today we're going to be talking about two topics that aren't often discussed together. Parties and boundaries. All of gathering is line drawing. What is the purpose of this year's fill in the blank? What do I want to focus on my birthday to be? This year, who is going to serve that need this year? Who is in? Who is out? This is good inside. What happens when I say potty training? Do you start worrying about what you need and how it will go? I know how tricky this milestone can feel for parents. Well, here's the thing about potty success. How we go about the process matters. Because success on the potty isn't so much about peeing and pooping. As much as it's about your child learning to recognize their body signals. Am beyond excited to announce a first of its kind product.

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