Sen. Ed Markey Blames Republicans for Rising Oil Prices


Now what the Democrats do the American Marxist dressed up as Democrats like senator Ed Markey who's a nuc job complete nut job He's at a press conference yesterday and he actually blames Republicans for dramatically rising oil prices Why Because they're in bed with the oil companies Let me ask you a question Would Donald Trump open federal lands to drilling When Donald Trump opened Anwar When Donald Trump deregulated the fossil fuel industry It prices go up or down mister producing They went down And also from a national security perspective we didn't have to rely on another country in the world We were selling oil overseas We had a vibrant job market in the oil industry and the oil industry is not just the oil rigs That's important too But it's everything related to it Pipe makers and fitters the production of steel for the pipes you need truckers you need trucks you need diners you need restaurants you need trucks it goes on and on and on You remember my pencil Or I pencil We'll have to play that again in the near future Probably shouldn't have said it because one of the back benches will jump But you understand And so when a guy like Ed Markey says the Republicans are in bed with the oil companies if the Republicans were in bed with the oil companies we'd be in good shape as consumers As consumers

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