Lisa and Nancy From Naples Help Mike Gallagher Lead Against Hugh Hewitt


What if we offered a trip to South Carolina to a donor who would like to step up and make a huge donation to our prison fellowship ministry? For ten to that for $10,000, you and three of your family or friends will fly you to South Carolina will put you up in one of these beautiful box seats. You'll have your own private box. You'll see Annie. You'll see my performances Oliver warbucks will put you up in a beautiful hotel probably with a Weston point set in downtown. I'll take you to dinner. And it'll be a great VIP experience for you for your tax deductible donation of $10,000. And there are people who have a blessed life and God has been good to and they are able to do that. And I put it out there for a couple of days. Nobody really took the invitation. Then we got an email. From a lady in Naples, Florida. And she is in. $10,000. And when she was talking with Joey Hudson about and Tom triad up from our team, she decided to double the donation. It's 20,000. She wasn't sure if she and her family could make it. Now it looks like they will be. So, to Lisa and Nancy of Naples, Florida, I am overwhelmed by your generosity. I'm grateful, and as I look at the totals yesterday, Hewitt's catch it up on me. Now, the 20,000 is going to widen the lead.

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