The Media Refuses to Recognize the Monster of Waukesha Christmas Parade


Because CNN said it, a car drove through a parade. A car. Washington Post, an axe, and people call it in an accident, was no accident. How could anybody call this an accident? This evil monster. A felony, and this guy, wow. What a piece of work he is, what a piece of work this guy is. I mean, beating up his girlfriend, felony charges, convicted felon, trying to find the story about who this guy really is. It's unreal. What this guy is all of what this guy guy know business being out on the streets. And yet, the media refuses to talk about it. I'm not going to say his name. I hate giving anybody even the notoriety that maybe they seek. This 39 year old felon was slapped in cuffs May 26th outside the county hearth in and Union City Georgia. According to police records obtained by Fox News, a witness allegedly overheard this guy pummel his 30 year old girlfriend and the mother of one of his children through the motel wall at about one a.m. and confronted him. Cops responded, they concluded he had struck his girlfriend, she had bruising redness around her eyes. He was arrested for battery, 5 months later. He ran the same woman over. Now listen to this. On November 2nd, this monster, according to prosecutors, ran his girlfriend over with the same red Ford escape that he used to kill all those people and walk ashore Wisconsin.

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