The Left Clearly Hates America


The left we understand. We understand there goes. They hate America. They don't necessarily want to destroy it. They want to create it recreated in their own image. Which will mean destroying the America that we know and cherish. That's clear. That's understood from opening the borders. To creating a military that is woke and laughed at by our enemies. To creating school boards that are guided by their design to indoctrinate our children, politically, and to cutting out the role and the say of parents in the raising of their children and their education. We understand that. It's as clear. In Americans who aren't political, are rising to the task of recognizing that threats. But what about our side? What about those that are putative conservatives, conservatives, nominally? But not in actuality. They could be even more of a threat to us. You've heard it all before the criticisms of president Trump who was a very unusual quote unquote Republican. He's so crude. Remember the Billy Bush tape? What about stormy Daniels and all the others? Oh, and don't forget his tweets. People are still talking about president Trump's tweets, even though he doesn't even have a Twitter account. You've heard all of these criticisms and many, many others. The never ending loop of Trump criticism a critique, which seems inconsequential when compared to what he actually did in office for four years. The record of his policy accomplishments from crushing the physical caliphate of the jihadi group ISIS, the most successful modern jihadi group that he had even eclipsed Al-Qaeda to creating a pre Wuhan flu a pre COVID economy, the likes of which America and the world had never seen.

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