A highlight from 620: 40th Anniversary of Blue Monday; 3 on 3 Remains Most Exciting Thing in NHL; Sens Captaincy


On the meeting streets of auto ontario canada. It's the wp. it's enough of that. James how're things. Stevie my boy you know things are okay. Things are okay. I've been watching. I got sucked into the video vortex last night. I do it once. Tv's sound effects machine. Now open up that pack and steve. It's it's a new thing for you. It's a toy go ahead. It's your turn chris okay. Everyone watch steve's turn go and you open your open. Your gifts steve. What are you going. What's in there steve. Open it only got to sound effects in there at the moment. Oh wow cool. I got a load them up though getting it all kinds of stuff in there we got the new sound effects anyway. Steve did you know that. I used to be in such great shape and it wasn't too long ago was certainly into my fifties. I could do this not a chance anymore. Because you and i were just talking before we start about getting old sucks. I could do so standing up. Okay stand on my right leg or my left leg games down to my left like and stick my right leg out in front of me. Okay and squat with one leg while the other. You know that move. Yup i could squat all the way to the ground and lift up while the other leg was extended out. Either leg i could. That's crazy in my inference. Stevia could've done that. No yes yes. I'm telling you. I think about my balance because i was doing. You're basically doing some siding. I had my work boots on. And they're covered in mud. When i was done and so my wife linda basically the guard is tell you what just get up on one leg puts your boot backward and then i'll spray the bottom of your shirts you don't put them away all dirty and stuff so i'm on one leg and she spraying me and and i keep kind of losing my balance. Well and she sprays my other leg and stuff and hey sit still trying here. My balance is terrible. Apparently you don't know what else i noticed we is. I am constantly hitting my head on things steve. I that's been happening. That's a regular occurrence in my week. like once a week. I don't know. I opened a cupboard. Like linking normally what steven my kids going to open up a covered get a coffee shop. Wack jesus i was. I was looking at the cover door. Sti i'm staring at it. You know. I told you when. I play golf. I once every ten games. I hit my head getting in and out of the golf cart right. Okay yeah i've been there. And here's the other one. I keep trying stevie but i drip drip and fell pumping gas into my car. All right steve. So lift up the handle picture this now. Okay so i lift up the handle of the of the of the you know the gas pump and i'm it comes across in front of me into the tank. Okay so i'm standing on the south side of the whole okay. Right sitting there pump pump and then gone. Okay i gotta get someone. I gotta go in and get some chocolate bars or something. Okay and i go to step over the host. Tv okay one leg over just like you're stepping over you know. I don't know stephen. A two foot rail yup. Okay and i'll step left leg over and go to pull my right leg over seas and can't lift it high enough to get over and catch it all the time on the pump host now sugars. Jesus people like oh my god you guys now. This is what. I got a young a young immature mind steve. So i'm covers at balances that keeps you young physically getting old shit all right. Let's jump in here. We got a lot to get to here today right you know. What is the fortieth anniversary today of rick. Monday's big home run. If you're an expo fan you're probably going. Why would steve even bring that up that nonsense. The la dodgers beat the montreal expos in the playoffs. Montreal's only playoff appearance. Ever to out in the ninth. Steve rogers your old pal year. Old drinking buddy comes on and serves up a a beauty to rick monday. I swear to god off off the bat it looked like a lazy fly ball that somehow someway gets out of the park and that would be one of those moments in sports where i still remember where i was. It was a. Where are you where you know. Where were you when this happened many of those anymore. It kind of fades with with time but that one. I remember vividly skipping school with some high school buddies at my dad's house and absolutely destroying this monday night. Football game that. I cherished at the time with a nearby hammer because i was so frustrated. A bit violent. But that's what i remember about it. What what monday. Night football game. What well as a game. It was basically nose an electronic game at the time our eight-game or something back to now wasn't even quite a video game. It was put these cards on the side of the box as the offense and the defense will do the same thing on the other side of the box and basically you'd light up based on the cards and the plays you anyway. It's a long story but that was an afternoon game. I think wasn't it was. I was skipping school. Yeah i remember that. Because i was at carlton.

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