Who Is Curtis Sliwa? A Look at the GOP Mayoral Candidate’s Wild Ride in New York


I grew up in New York City. I was born in Queens. I was in there into the 70s. We got out in the 70s, moved up the Danbury, Connecticut because the crime, the deterioration was unbelievable and we watched the New York news every night. It was unbelievable. We had mayor beam. We had it was just like a nightmare. And into this nightmare, steps a young guy named Curtis Lee tell the story Curtis. It was a night manager at McDonald's in The Bronx. The Bronx was burning down at the time and in the 70s alone a million people fled from New York City. The biggest exit is a population ever. And rightfully so, gangs arson property values plummeting quality of life dismal. So I decided, hey, you know, something they've removed the transit police from the subways at night because we were on the brink of a fiscal collapse. So they were laying off a lot of civil servants. I said, oh, I'll start patrolling with a group of my closes at that McDonald's. We will call the burger boys. And we started to patrol this one particularly train the number four train, which had been nicknamed by the right as the muggers expressed. I thought I get the congressional Medal of Honor. Eric, I couldn't have been more hopelessly wrong. The mayor at that time, Ed Koch vilified us, called us vigilante, said we were the hell's angels. The police unions were upset. They didn't want us there, because they figured their furloughed employees would never be brought back. And so within the first 13 years until Rudy Giuliani got elected mayor. I got arrested 76 times. I got wooden shampoos, concrete facials, attitude, no readjustments. It was whenever you elected or in a changed all that. I always gotta stop you because nobody knows what you just said. And it's the funniest stuff I've ever heard. You said you got wooden shampoos. You're talking about Billy clubs across the head from cops. Yes. Yes. And then concrete facials where the cop would say, Curtis, you see the curb down there as I was handcuffed. I said, yes, Sarge. And then you go, good. We're gonna have your forehead meet the curb bang. And you get a big lump in the front of your

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