Glenn Youngkin and Ron DeSantis Are Proof That Local Elections Matter


Let me ask you something Look at the Commonwealth of Virginia We're going into that if you really want your main focus is who's going to be the next president of the United States That's all you care about As Trump going to run if he runs he's got to be Biden His Biden gonna want Is it gonna be Kamala Are they gonna get rid of her and put in Pete Buttigieg All these things If you're main focus is who's gonna be the president of the United States Let me ask you something Do you think Glenn youngkin And the Republicans sweep that we just saw in the Commonwealth of Virginia three weeks ago Do you think that improves the chances for a Republican to win the Electoral College votes in Virginia Versus should Terry mcauliffe had one Do you think maybe Moving this state the state of Virginia into the red column with regard to its governorship and its statewide leadership at lieutenant governor and attorney general do you think that that may be moves Virginia a little closer to being in play and being a purple state Do you think that governor Ron DeSantis winning a very close election Three years ago In Florida do you think that helped Move Florida more solidly into the red column Do you think that his policies and the way he's governing in Florida moves it even further into the red column where maybe when we get to 24 Florida might not even be the toss up state that it has been Maybe whoever the Republican nominee is won't even have to focus as much energy and time and money as they have in years past in Florida Because desantis and the Republican Party has done such a good job in that state that it's more solid or Republican state than it would have been Do you see what I'm saying Do you see how these local elections actually help put together that puzzle that gives you your Electoral College map

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