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What up everyone, you are watching kind of funny games daily for the 23rd of November. I'm your host when I'm saying, I am joined by Gary whitt the boys from Britain are back. How are you doing, Gary? Good, good. I'm glad to be back with you. That first show that we did whenever it was some weeks ago was really fun. So I'm glad they put us together again. It was a good time. I think we were vibing off each other as British people, and I want to try and keep that energy going, so I'm going to bring you something that I know that you love. So we can start off with that and that is four guys. A great British game. A great British game truly truly, it is the most British game I would say. It reminds me of previous shows. Are you old enough? You're not old enough to have grown up with it's a knockout on. It's a knockout. Oh, you did? Yeah, yeah. Everyone when they talk about four guys, the old reference takeshi's castle, but I think given that the game was developed in Britain was probably more influenced by its a knockout, which was like the great British version of that. I think when I watched there was reruns as well as like, as well as I think they tried to do like a newer version of it, but it didn't catch on. So I remember watching a lot of reruns of it. And there was like occasionally there would be like when they couldn't get new episodes going, they'd get like the Australian version or the other version. And it was never as good as the British one. I don't know if it's on YouTube, but for anyone who's not familiar with it and wants to have a good time, maybe maybe do a YouTube search for it to knock out on YouTube and maybe there'll be some clips of the old British TV show. I mean, I think a lot more like fall guys than anything else and that they would dress the contestants up in these ridiculous, massive costumes before us to kind of run around and negotiate these obstacle courses where then the announcer was famous for cracking up laughing because it was so ridiculous. It was a fun show. It's like I haven't thought about it to knock out for so long, but you mentioned it because I do my streams on Twitch. Where I usually start off my streams by watching crystal maze. The old school, the old school ones, and like my brain, my emotes are of like Richard O'Brien's face. And I learned so much. I just love watch that and fort boyard, a lot of as well, which I describe as horny crystal meze, which because they're basically is. But I had no idea that Richard O'Brien wrote the rocky or picture show. I didn't discover that until, I mean, he was he obviously already had a great resume before he even did the crystal maze. That's what he continues to be most famous for, you know, road it created is in the movie. And was also a great host of the crystal maze. They brought it back recently with Richard Leo. Did you see that? I've not seen that yet, but I think I'm going to give it a shot and work on my way through the old seasons and it's real real good. So I'm watching and there's a lot of Americans watching my stream because I'm watching streaming on Pacific time and they're like, this is wild and it's so cool. And there's a lot of people who are now fans of crystal maze because of it and I'm just like, I'm glad that this great British classic is it's a very good U.S. also since I've got you and I feel like we're going down the same British digression corner we did last time. But you'll appreciate this and it is actually relevant to our podcast. Did you see that they're bringing back games master? I did see it. I did see it. Yeah, I saw a few clips, and I know some of the people that are working on it. And it looks interesting. Games master back in the day was so much fun. You know, I was on it. I used to be on it. I was one of their guest reviewers when I was like a tiny baby game reviewer late 1926. Amazing. Clip this clips out there on YouTube of like very reviewing games on games master. I'm gonna find those. They replaced, what's his name? As the actual games master. So I saw a trailer with like a Scottish guy in like an Obi-Wan Kenobi robe. And I was like, did they bring back Dominic diamond, or is this something? It's not Dominic diamonds, rabe Florence. It's rad Flores. And they've got what's his name, the news anchor Trevor, the classic BBC McDonald? McDonald's. Yeah, he's a new Patrick. Oh, really? And it's really good. It's really good. He's really good, yeah. I might have to watch this. Yeah, they've got some real good time. I know Frankie ward, who's a well-known eSports commentator and analyst is working on it as well. And she's incredible and there's a bunch of great people of them. It sounds like they might be bringing it back more into the old show was, which was kind of a grab bag of reviews and it was like a magazine show. I guess it sounds like they might be leaning more into the competitive eSports and it is now? Yeah, so they have it's mainly around the competition element of it, and you do get that slight explanation of what a game is. So occasionally you'll see Trevor McDonald talking about, I don't know, Super Mario Brothers. I got to say Donald is the new games master is my brother. He's the same way that Patrick maro was back in the way. He's incredible. And like, it seems like I know a bunch like they've got like current content creators who make sense there like MC fixers on it. And that kind of stuff. He's a kind of funny best friend and various other people. So it looks like they're doing it right. I've not actually seen a full episode. I've only seen a couple of clips and there's also an Instagram filter where you can be the game's master and record yourself. How far we've come. It's incredible, but getting back to the original story for guy season 6. Yes, launching in November 30. So a week from today and they're doing the reveal of what season 6 is later today, correct? Well, I think it might be out. So I've already seen will be tumbling into a festival themed blunderdome on Tuesday 30 for 2021 with their launch of season 6, party spectacular. All right. So the details were revealed in a stream event. You can so you can watch that after this that you can get caught up on it. But it looks pretty cool. 5 new rounds, 25 new costumes, 50 tiers of fame, part rewards, sack

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