John James of 'Dynasty' Fame Stars as President Biden in Biopic ‘My Son Hunter’


I am getting back to this fascinating interview with fela MacDonald. He's one of the producers of my son hunter, my son hunter dot com is where you go to get more information on the film. It is about the Hunter Biden laptop and the unfortunate disclosures that we find out from mister young mister Biden himself. You know what I like? And again, welcome back. I love the fact that you've got John James of dynasty playing Joe Biden. I like to call him uncle Joe. Some people call him President Biden. But because when I looked at John James, I looked him up recently because he's an older gentleman, of course, he's the right age, but he actually does look a little like Joe Biden. Yeah. And where do you see what we did with him with makeup and the wonderful Serbian makeup artists? I mean, he grew into the role. It was amazing. He just became Joe Biden over the course of making the movie. Even to the extent of walking into a glass door on his way into a restaurant on the weekend when we were making a movie. He said it was his greatest piece of mathematics ever. Yeah, he walked into a glass door and spent Saturday evening in the Serbian ER room. Not a great place to be actually any E or R on a Saturday night anywhere in the world is not a good place to be Serbia. It's got its own challenges. So you just need a few stitches, but that he was taking the Joe Biden the stumbling bumbling Joe Biden rule so seriously walking through a glass door. So that was not part of the movie. That's one of those outtakes, right? Yes. Yes, very much. And he was taken out by the glass door. He was taken out by the glass

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