What Happens in Your House Is More Important Than What Happens in the White House


My motto has always been what happens in your house is more important than what happens in The White House Let me explain We get obsessed by what's going on Every four years in the presidential election we don't even pay attention to some of the other elections that go on in this country The people people know every minute detail of a presidential election because that's all the media focuses on and we get obsessed with it We watch it like it's ESPN and sports although frankly these days ESPN is more political than cable news We watch it and we get obsessed with every nuance in every little minor detail when a presidential election but most voters can't tell me who their state senator is Oh hell a lot of voters can't tell me who they're governor is And what about your school board members Let me ask you something Over the past year if you have children in the government run schools in this country Who do you think really affected their lives more Donald Trump or Joe Biden as president Or your local school board members I think you know the answer to that question

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