Firm Tied to Hunter Biden Brokered $3.8B Deal for Cobalt Mines to Chinese Company


Hunter Biden's firm helped Chinese company purchase rich cobalt mine in $3.8 billion deal. In investment firm that counts Hunter Biden among founder, its founders helped the Chinese company purchase one of the world's most lucrative cobalt mines from an American company. Biden established the firm, bohai harvest RST, equity investment fund management, with two other Americans and some Chinese partners in 2013. Hear that? Hunter Biden? Started a firm with Chinese partners in 2013. No, no, no, but hey, the real problem? Is moms and Grand Junction that show up at school board meetings? Who get their entire house searched by FBI agents? The American members controlled 30% of the Shanghai based operation and served on the board. I'm reading from Fox News dot com. The company notably completed a deal in 2016 that saw a Congo cobalt and copper mine transfer from an American company to a Chinese outfit. For the sum of $2.65 billion. Bhr served as a minority stakeholder to buy out around $1.1 billion of shares from London mining of Canada, who owned a portion of the Congo mine. Chris Clark, a lawyer for Biden, says he no longer holds any interest directly or indirectly in either VHR or scans. But Chinese business records reviews reviewed by Fox News in April 2021 showed that Hunter Biden continued to hold a 10% Chinese private equity firm stake in ball high harvest RST equity investment fund management through hunters, company.

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