Walgreens Says It's Closing Five SF Stores Due to Crime


It's an interesting question I posed here given that they are shutting down these Walgreens and targets in San Francisco. And due to theft theft is due to the fact that the Democrats are okay with theft. I hereby announce I risk my reputation as a thinker as a broadcaster as a decent human. When I state to you, theft is okay with the Democratic Party. Okay? So let's be clear, clarity is the essence of truth. The Democratic Party in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia is okay with stealing. Is that clear? If it isn't clear, you're lying to yourself and I can't help that. But I'm not lying to myself. That is how low we have gotten. In the moral sphere in this country. One of the two major parties is okay with stealing. Indeed, it makes it possible. Low lifes like George Soros fund people who are okay with stealing. That George Soros has the respect of Democrats tells you only one thing and that is the low level of morality in the Democratic Party. The man is loathsome, truly loathsome. He funds people who do not prosecute theft. But they laugh, they laugh at us religious folks who actually believe that do not steal comes from God. Oh, how silly dilly. You silly, religious people believe that God is against theft. Makes us Democrats laugh. You make us laugh your religious people. We are the sophisticates. Walgreens is closing 22 locations. KPIX channel 5 rereads back to Walgreens for clarification and Walgreens clearly stated the closure of all 22 store locations is directly due to an increase in retail theft.

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