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Live from off season theory time. Let's put together some words and thoughts that aren't based in the writer's room reality and then pat each other on the back later of situations ever happened down the line that's right it's another episode of the unofficial boarding pot. Everybody up travis. Hello everybody. I am brandon and welcome to an excellent new episode of the international podcast starring. Rick and morty brandon and travis menard. My name isn't menard yay. We got married season five ended and he took my name. It is you know of course of course Nontraditional i took. I took his name But the finale season five turned everything on its head. And we figured let you know it's time for change Yeah wiser go. Get brunch and la. I'm sorry anaheim. Orange county as i would hate to call anything. That wasn't la la. You know i meant. I thank you for that. Yeah because i'm here now in god darn it. I love the dodgers. I bleed blue for dodges every day. I just want them to win. I want them to win. Everything as i'm driving to work in the morning on the four. Oh five let's see buses all over the place and would like the the destination of go dodgers in the you know super confusing. If you're like a commuter right right well. I guess on this bus and hope i ended up in the right spot. Eighth going stick sticking in los angeles county wouldn't go dodgers and go to anaheim because we'll go giants bus right. Obviously yeah but the the giants are out anyway right. Yeah due to do a check. Swing or something like that out due to a Completely thorough swing that I don't know if you want this type of breaking analysis in the sports world This is not the podcasting until you should check out the other podcast on this network rounding the base rounding the bases follow them at rounding. The be on twitter starring. Rob ask you and matt's is more bats right and if you wanna follow us If you if you don't know how to do that already. You can follow us on twitter.

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