Dozens of California Students Remain Trapped in Afghanistan


And I want to get this in before the end of the program From our Friends at the daily wire Emily zanotti Dozens of California school children are still trapped in Afghanistan And the Biden State Department is mom At least 41 elementary school students from the San Juan unified school district remained trapped in Afghanistan the Sacramento bee reported And getting them out as proving an impossible task Though representative Daryl Issa Republican California says it is continually pressing the Biden administration and their State Department at apartment of Homeland Security to assist in their rescue 41 schoolchildren San Juan unified school district officials last week said 41 students were trapped in Afghanistan a sharp increase from the two dozen or so the district of previously identified The 41 kids three were evacuated over the weekend from the war torn country but remain overseas Sacramento said a unified officials last week said 8 students are straining in Afghanistan initially they identified just one family who the bee interviewed attendance records at the school has progressed showed more students were missing in staff trace their whereabouts to Afghanistan Officials of baker elementary school in the San Juan district say they're trying to cobble together a rescue mission As our officials are nearby sacrament why the hell is it the FBI involved in this Why is the hell isn't the Department of Justice involved in this They're worried about students

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