A highlight from The Vows We Keep (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries - 2021)

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Hello everybody welcome to the program. Good friends brand pan and dan when the now there Wednesday episode like the hallmark. Which means it's our Venture into homers and mysteries. Movies whatever's had more emphasis e segment more emphasis on movies. Yes so less on mysteries and even less tough to tough to do our job. Even less on false be honest. Did things a lot this. This was a hard week. Boy kay on. isn't it. love the guy so much love k. On love him. So it's gonna be tough week. I feel i've tough day. Tough databa- all. We got some days. You put on that day decorate. We gotta get to work. Monmouth decker pants decker decker minds and get going. The home are holes. Not gonna dig it south prospector. How dangerous this is mine. Were working in on a scale of one to win the heart any well the my twinkles already and dangerous at all the mines are mine and ryan and wing when calls the heart varies talking about. Just the idea of a mind for each episode's theoretically like i think the more we're friends with the people in the movies bad it becomes more and more difficult experience spoiler. You're thinking this movie's bad. There have been times where i've been on an island saying movies terrible that i think deep down we all three agree or terrible but you have given it the benefit of the doubt but the person involved. I don't think that will happen today. But i do think that that's happened. Maybe a time or two in the are you questioning mean pandas integrity. I am not questioning it. I am outright calling it out and you know no. That's accurate kissed. There's a there's a higher integrity that maybe you're you're achieving in the process. But yes i'm calling out one hundred percent. Let's talk about turtles for a quick second. If you boys don't mind lease which ninja turtle do you think is most lake. The principal from sabrina. The teenage war. Which i gotta be honest. I've never watched teams which i know of it. I know that the cat talks another t to leads. The i have no clue. You want to do a different any it literally any schedule scratching turtles real quick. Okay okay which of the ninja turtles do you think is most like steve urkel donatello raphael. Now i don't remember. I wasn't allowed to watch him Leonardo leads donatello does machines. Raphael is cool but crude michelangelo's party dude so like the rudest one is rafael whereas donatella works on machine. Oh okay okay. Yeah not rude. Come on and be better zoos. A party dude. Michelangelo party pizza tom. He was a party you can. You can count on him. Mikey for one thing party. Big that one past me. No you can do that with anybody. I know all four turtles. You'll never forget okay. Okay okay okay. Quick which one of the ninja turtles is most like antonio k. Honan this movie. i'm once again. I'm gonna tell us which is he is an economist. He works with numbers. And that's the ultimate machine really isn't isn't it. I just heard a horn outside which means to move on for vows. We keep so. We're talking about guys we. This is the third of the a third non movies and mr nato non mystery moves mysteries. You had this last week. We had shoot. Not rising sean bennett. Extortion is the one after that before. This one what was that movie Boy i don't remember it follows. It's the thing love and easy. Sam page is in it. Oh summer that's one summer. And then named impression didn't love and easy of an easy benedict stone and then before that was redemption which was a mystery standard mysterio bic sons kind of leading the pack by a mile. Here you know. I will say i've thought more about benedict stone the movie then. I have about a hallmark movie in. That's right i would agree that it stuck with. Yes yeah. I think about that tree. Yeah a lot. I think about. Just how weird to me. We'll yeah weird. I don't know how to put a. I don't know how to explain it. Maybe feel weird despair. It's not making me feel weird. Yes ready to me down. I wanna hear synopsis. I'm i'm locked into you. I'm excited to read it to The movie that we are talking about is a store in this place called the studio in this podcast called duck. The hallmark is called as we keep the vows. We keep it originally aaron october tenth. Twenty twenty one and when this meet hazel she is an event planner but the only event she really cares about right now is her sisters sisters. We're gonna plan dr. She gets a call that the vineyard that they were going to have the wedding at being sold so you got a fireman. One they say so. She goes to talk to the owner and then sub just bumping into a guy named jared. He went veg attitudes and he could not be less helpful in this regard. The old owner. Here's the conversation comes on says. Listen i will make you a deal. We can move the wedding up so you can have before the sale. But i'm gonna nieves you to be here every day to help with the from what i gathered the planning of all the other events that need to happen before the sale goes through understand. Yes so she ends up. Hanging out with jared a lot and they're doing all sorts of different things to make the place look great before the sale they Find a person who wants to buy it but my stack they might want to suck it down and build up things and have nice views with polls by the owner also has to convince her sister that to be okay with us Selling in the family in thing. And that's gonna be tricky seeing how they haven't talked in a long time and you know why if he knew if you if you count one of those conversation Anyways she ends up finally agreeing but then they start to make up and they start to hang out at talk so he's a little unhappy with her job because she wants a promotion and she deserves. Mercer panda oh absolutely. She is a tour to all the good stuff but then her boss in poop face from cal in eastern though. He's though worst so when she walks into her office after some His office of nudging. From aboard jared and. He's like she's like. I'm quitting my job. I'm gonna do my own thing. It's time for the wedding. Everybody and is really excited. And the wedding ways happens. And she

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