Three omicron cases of COVID-19 identified in Maryland: Gov. Hogan


And major sports news for Maryland Mark turjan out as coach of the men's basketball team details at four 45 At four 31 The announcement came from Maryland governor Larry Hogan three cases of uma Kron have been detected in Maryland and he is urging residents to get vaccinated and get boosted The news came after health officials were able to confirm that three cases of the omicron variant had been discovered in the Baltimore region Governor Larry Hogan said one case involved two people in the same household One had been vaccinated and had returned from travel in South Africa The second was an unvaccinated person in close contact with the first The third case has no connection to the others That person had been vaccinated and had no known travel history Montgomery county's assistant chief administrative officer Earl stod says Montgomery county has been anticipating the arrival of the omicron variant and said there's no reason to panic but urged people to get their booster shots Kate Ryan W TOP news Four 32 in breaking news this afternoon just a few minutes ago we have learned that the lawyer for James and Jennifer crumbly

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