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I'm Doug Kazarian joined like I always say I'm on Fridays by Joe forton ball. How are you, sir? Can't be worse than Taysom Hill in those four interceptions last night. I'll tell you that much. Now, we ended up getting home with our unders, which was very nice. I saw you at one point in the third quarter talking about how that game was doing everything it could to go over. I was thinking to myself, Doug shut the hell up, but I also realized what you were saying was true because they were trying to stumble into that, but we got home. We got home with that play. It's crazy. Just when you think the live line, I mean, think about as low as 39, and then it's like, oh, the long touchdown run. It's like back to 47. It's like, come on. So the live line, I actually admitted some of it. I played back 42 and a half, 43 and a half so I got there at 44, but it was one of those games that should have been a stone under and then every just when you're ready to relax, there was a big play to make it, you know, flirt with the over. Dallas was so dumb at the end of that game off those picks, how they were still throwing the ball. Just run up the clock and do it with Tony Pollard. Why are you still running Ezekiel Elliott? Like this is why this team is going to find a way to not meet its expectation to not meet its destiny because they're going to make mistakes like this in big spots and they'll eventually get eliminated because of it. Well, they were missing their wizard. Mike McCarthy wasn't there. Yeah. We got there the spurs plus 5 and the money line got their nice convincing win. Very Portland in trouble without Damian Lillard for sure. So let's turn the page. We got obviously college football conference championships this weekend. I'm up and triple option. A lot of pressure. A lot of pressure leaner card to go from, I'll let you start off, but actually you know what I lied. I'm gonna go first. I'm gonna start with the Houston plus ten and a half. Look, I think the Cincinnati team is gonna get smoked, but that doesn't mean they don't go because we've seen other teams from the power 5 get smoked in the playoffs. So I just think there's all the pressure in the world on the bear cats. I think Houston's pretty good. And I think ten and a half too many points. So I think they keep it inside the number I like Houston's team total over as well. So you're looking at 21 ish, so 22 or so. So I would take that over for sure. I am in agreement with you on Houston. I think the big storyline coming into the game is Cincinnati and the playoff birth. So a lot of people aren't looking at the cougars. If you look at them, you'll see that they lost their first game of the season of Texas tech. And then they rattled off 11 straight victories by an average of 22 points per game. They're a top ten scoring offense and a top 20 scoring defense. They can play. So I'll take the ten and a half. I agree with you on that. I'll actually give you something for tonight as well on Friday. It's gotta be a three. Don't play the two and a half, but I take the three with Oregon and the pack 12 championship game. These two met just two weeks ago in Utah Utah was like three and a half in that game. They smoked Oregon. Now we change venues two weeks later and the lines sit in three. I was surprised it's not a little bit lower. I think by kick off, it's gonna be two and a half or lower everywhere else. I don't like these rematch games or I should say I don't like backing the winner of the first encounter when you have a rematch game on such a short turnaround with a change of venue in there as well. We see this in the NFL, the example I use a few years ago, the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson went to I think it was LA at the time against the Chargers beat them and then like three weeks later in the playoffs, the Chargers and Anthony Lynn went to Baltimore and completely shut down Lamar Jackson. The losing team knows the adjustments it needs to make. The winning team comes out and probably just tries to implement the exact same game plan because it already worked. And I think that's an advantage for Oregon. So I would play Oregon plus three tonight in the packed world championship. I agree with you on Houston. I got plenty of others, but I'm just gonna throw the hot potato back to you to unload a few more and then I'll jump back in. Yeah, I mean, my favorite play for the weekend is Kent State, and I hate that it's gone to three and a half. I got some three earlier in the week. But I still think they went and covered northern Illinois, incredible season worse to first in their division. They have 7 7 one score wins, including three by a single point. Lombardi's the quarterback expected to come back, so obviously he's a little bit better. These two teams combined for 99 points in the regular season meeting Kent State one, and IU will score a little bit, but their defense is awful. I think Kent State team total over I think can state covers the three and a half. They're the better team, a little regression for NI U, nice season could still win, obviously. This is but I think Ken state wins by about 7 or ten. All right, I'll fire a couple more here. SEC championship under 49 and a half Georgia and Bama. As you know, Georgia the number one scoring defense in the country at about 7 points per game. They have a top 20 scoring defense as well at 19 points per game. I think band is going to struggle to move the ball in this game. I really do. I leaned to Georgia -6 and a half as well, but the unders my favorite play. A lot of people will point to that pick and they'll say, well, you know, recency bias on the auburn game. It's not just the auburn game. All right, when Bama has left Bryant Benny stadium, they've had issues. They barely beat Florida and that turned out to be a terrible Gators team that fired Dan Mullen. They lost that Texas a and M a and M didn't come anywhere close to meeting the expectations we put on them pre season and they should have lost the game at all but when they went against a good defensive line at home against LSU they got pushed around in that game as well. I think they're going to get pushed around in this game. I think Saban's done an excellent job, but he lost a ton of talent and he's exceeding expectations, but we hold him to such ridiculous expectations because of how good he is. I think George is just going to put it on him here. So I like the under 49 and a half for sure. I lean and I will probably play Georgia at anything less than 7. I also throw the mountain west championship at you. I would play both San Diego state -6 over Utah state and I play the under 50 points in that game. We just saw this game for youth tall state a few weeks ago. They were at home hosting Wyoming. And Wyoming is not anywhere near as good as San Diego state. Wyoming does one thing very well. And that's defend the past. They're a top ten team in opponent yards for passing attempt. They don't give up big plays in the passing game. That's what Utah state wants to do. They're 15th in the country in passing. Well, guess what? San Diego state is 9 in the country in a pony yards per passing attempt. And there, a much better defense in Wyoming. Their top ten scoring D, Wyoming went to Utah state and hammered them in that game, completely shut him down. San Diego state is hosting this game in Carson, California at their temporary stadium. I like him to cover the spread. I like it to stay under San Diego state likes to grind the clock. They don't play at a fast tempo. So mountain west championship Aztecs -6 over Utah state, under 50 points in that game as well. Yeah, I think you're on to something with that under there in the San Diego state game. That's just too big of a number, especially with the potential quarterback injury for the aggies.

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