41% of Undergraduates Drop out From College in the US


How many of you know someone that dropped out of college raised your hand? Yeah. 41% of people that go to college drop out 41%. We have way too many people going to college in this country, and no one wants to say it out loud. I guarantee you if I went person by person here, college could have a college kid. You'd say, oh yeah, that class is a waste of time. That class is a waste of money, right? Am I correct? To scam. You do not need the degree to succeed unless you're in a couple very finite fields. Doctor lawyer, engineer, psychology, nothing against you. You're probably not going to get a job in that field. It's true. And so then you have resentment of 28 year olds that study something and they're like, this was useless. So I got to go find a whole new way to retrain myself. And by the time they're 29, they look at their parents who are then lecturing them like why don't you have your life together? I was 29. I was moving up in this company and all this was so nice and so easy. Hold on a second. Have you seen the price of

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