Donald Trump Jr. Says Truth Social Will 'Cancel Cancel Culture'


So Don Trump Junior I said went on Sean Hannity's program last night at Fox and made an enormous announcement I've had a lot of people didn't see this one coming You know that Trump team has been fighting for a long time for free speech and against the big tech communist totalitarians and their empires And you know people talk about it and some people do stuff Well they decided to do something Listen to Don last night on the Sean Hannity show This is really some exciting stuff Check this out Well showing it's a big deal You know for so long big tech has suppressed conservative voices If you're pro Second Amendment if you're a pro life if you're a religious if you're just a conservative you have been in Facebook jail you have been deplatformed You have been demonetized What we're trying to do is create a big tent in open and free network for people to be able to communicate to exercise your First Amendment rights And so tonight my father signed a definitive merger agreement to form what will ultimately be the Trump media and technology group and truth social a platform for everyone to express their feelings Big tech and all of those on the left for so long Sean have been saying well if you don't like the rules that we really enforce only one way on our platforms go create your own And so we did just that So that's going to launch very soon We're going to be in beta testing in the next few weeks Full launch first quarter of 22 It's going to be exciting and we're looking to give a voice back to the American people You saw what they did to the president of the United States We want to make sure that Americans have a voice No political discrimination We're gonna cancel cancel culture We're gonna stand up and push back against the tyranny of big tech I think America has been waiting for this We've been working on it for a while We've kept it under wraps But now we are in process to get that going to return our voice back to those who need it and who want

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