Illinois Democratic Worker Mary Lemanski Made Disgusting Tweets About Waukesha Christmas Parade


But I have to share a reaction from a Democrat in Illinois, that you need to hear, because to me, this sums up the giant riff between the Republican Party and the Democrat party in America. Are people who call this show all the time. Yeah, I'm a Democrat, and that's okay. You be what you be what you want to be. You want to be a Republican be a Republican. You want to be an independent, you want to be an independent. You want to be a Democrat for your Democrat. But if you're a Democrat, you share a party affiliation with a woman named Mary le mansky. Larry Mary le mansky is apparently the social media director for the Democratic Party in dupage county, Illinois. She's being blasted for a Twitter tirade. Where she referred to this Wisconsin rampage, a car plowing over children, grandmothers, this beautiful group of grandmothers called the dancing grannies, apparently one of the fatalities was one of those grandmothers, children lying on the ground being run over by this monster in his red Ford escape. You want to know what the social media director of demic of for the Democrats in dupage county Illinois tweeted? It was probably just self defense, Mary le manski wrote. Living in Wisconsin, he probably felt threatened. She added more sarcasm to her evil tweets. I'm sure he didn't want to hurt anyone. He came to help people.

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