Kyrsten Sinema, the Enemy Within the Democrat Party


I'm joined by byron york. Who wrote yesterday about kristen cinema. The democrat marriage zona who does not agree with the largest that democrats want to spread around the country and in response. The new republic called her a traitor. The nation said how she is sold out the original story of kristen serve the senate's new super villain and then matt iglesias. Kristen cinema must be stopped. In the era of trump that would have been seen as a threat byron. Well done yesterday. I don't think the left is going to ease up though on their new. Michelle in coddle. In the new york times today calls her many names. That's right. I wrote it before. The new york times published the stories. That that simply. What's wrong with kirsten senna. Yep so as a matter of fact after the bathroom incident which occurred in arizona. she's flying back cinemas linebacker washington and. She's harassed on the plane About daca so i listen. I think the the remember there was a there was a period of time when resistance forces who are harassing Ted cruz they harass. Sarah huckabee sanders. Actually restaurant kicked her out and virginia And there were a people. Like maxine waters saying that anyone who supports trump should not find peace anywhere. You shouldn't be able to fill up your car the gas station. You shouldn't be abaya a gallon of milk at the grocery store without having to face the consequences of your political positions. Clearly that seems to be now directed at senator senator cinema.

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