Matt Rosenberg: There Is a Problem of Moral Authority in the City of Chicago


I'm talking to matt rosenberg from chicago and the book is what next chicago. You're just telling us something really nuts. You're seeing that mayor lori lightfoot Was quoting john lennon's beautiful but insipid song. Imagine in response to some killings. Tell us more about that just so that we understand what in what context was she doing this right while i put it this way that she is channeling john lennon. She did not name him what she did. Say after a mass shooting. In which a number of people were killed was it's a whole essentially. She said it's a whole different ballgame if we don't have all these guns around and the absurdity of that is that it's the proclivity to shoot a gun for spurious reasons. That is the real issue here. I think common commonsense observers understand that so the hard part here is going back to a failure among parents. You know the hard part here to me is the issue of what i like to call in eric. This was growth experience for me. I had to confront. What is the central problem here. And i realized it's centered around something that i decided i would call moral authority. This is probably an area in which you have some experience of thinking and writing and and analyzing i realized it's a pretty basic definition what that what's constituted within that but there are maybe only five percent of chicago's one million households that are not living with moral authority but that's a large enough number to affect a tyranny of the minority which means it's not safe to be out on the streets which means that schools k twelve public schools are in state of disorder. Where police are required to be onsite breaking up fights guarding students against violence from other students. There's a great pressure on the county court system because of a small relatively small handful of miscreants who have an outsized effect on the city's so there is a problem of moral authority in the city

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